Finished Objects

That’s a Wrap! Cashmerette Roseclair

It may be 4C but I'm getting that sunshine babyyy I think wrap dresses may be my favourite kind of dress to sew and wear. They're generally quite easy to fit because the waist is adjustable, and that adjustable waist is great for size fluctuations (yay, less chance of alterations being needed down the road!).… Continue reading That’s a Wrap! Cashmerette Roseclair

Finished Objects

Noot Noot, I Made the Pepernoot … coat

Toasty Bun Early 2022, I will be moving all the way across Canada to Prince Edward Island - from one small island to another! Since I will be once again living in a place with actual winters (snow! below zero temps!), I decided to sew myself an ultra toasty coat. Enter: the Pepernoot Coat by… Continue reading Noot Noot, I Made the Pepernoot … coat

Finished Objects

Carolyn PJs – The Good, the Bad and the Ghosties

I've always loved the look of what I like to call "fancy pajamas". You know, ones that actually match and aren't just a men's XL Logitech t-shirt that you got for free at Pax Prime almost half a decade ago (suspiciously specific much?). Fancy pajamas! If you've been in the sewing sphere for even a… Continue reading Carolyn PJs – The Good, the Bad and the Ghosties


Visualizing Your Sewing Projects

Something I started doing earlier this year to keep myself inspired and focused with sewing is creating mockup designs of my future projects. Here’s my summer projects board, for example: This isn’t all inclusive - I went a bit ham on sewing this spring/summer due to COVID lockdowns. Creating these mock-ups is a super quick… Continue reading Visualizing Your Sewing Projects

Star Trek

Bun’s Guide to Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 1

This is a sewing blog, why are you writing about Star Trek? - You, probably Shhh, no questions. Only Star Trek. I'm a huge Star Trek fan. Not so much of the original series with Kirk, but Next Generation (TNG), Deep Space Nine (DS9), Voyager (VOY) and even Enterprise (ENT) hold a very special place… Continue reading Bun’s Guide to Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 1