Hi, I’m Roxanne!

Or you can call me Bun, as a lot of my online friends do (hence the blog title).

I’ve been sewing since about 2010. I was midway through university when I realized I needed a hobby that wasn’t staring at a computer screen for hours. I decided to borrow my mum’s terrible old Kenmore machine and sew a dress.

It was… fine. But it got the ball rolling and when COVID hit in early 2020, I used lockdown as an opportunity to really start to focus on my sewing skills. I thought, “At least I’ll come out of it with a great wardrobe”.

I currently live in Summerside, PEI with my cat son, Owen. He is pure chaos and cuddles and has an unfortunate appetite for thread. But I love him dearly, and you’ll likely see a lot of him on this blog.

You can check out my sewing Instagram here.

Oh hey, I also do art! Take a look here.